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 Spell Speed: Part 3

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PostSubject: Spell Speed: Part 3   Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:05 pm

Spell Speeds:
What is a spell speed?

Spell speeds are a factor that determine how fast a card can activate. In the game there are three different spell speeds. However don't be fooled just because it states "Spell Speed" doesn't mean it only alone effects the spells the term is used to describe activation in general of ALL cards not just spell cards.

Spell Speed 3: First thing you need to know about spell speed 1 is that YOU CAN ACTIVATE THEM ON EITHER PLAYERS TURN. Second thing spell speed 3 cards CAN BE CHAINED to another SPELL SPEED 1, 2 OR 3 unless they trigger each other then they would simultaneously go off at the same time.

-Consist of:

Counter Traps {Solemn Strike, Dark Bribe, Black Horn of Heaven, Debunk etc...}
- Can be chained to activation of Spell Speed 1/2/3
*Fastest" of all card effects

Easter is coming up, so to be festive and creative your assignment is to create a new deck using an easter reference as the basis/archetype {Eggs, Baby Animals, Flowers, Rabbits etc..}. After doing so take a screenshot and place it in the dorm as a topic providing 3 examples of each spell speed used in the deck....
Good Luck, Have Fun

Pain Painter
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Spell Speed: Part 3
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