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 Speed Speeds: Parts 2

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PostSubject: Speed Speeds: Parts 2   Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:54 pm

Spell Speeds:
What is a spell speed?

Spell speeds are a factor that determine how fast a card can activate. In the game there are three different spell speeds. However don't be fooled just because it states "Spell Speed" doesn't mean it only alone effects the spells the term is used to describe activation in general of ALL cards not just spell cards.

Spell Speed 2: First thing you need to know about spell speed 1 is that YOU CAN ACTIVATE THEM ON EITHER PLAYERS TURN. Second thing spell speed 2 cards CAN BE CHAINED to another SPELL SPEED 1 OR 2, unless they trigger each other then they would simultaneously go off at the same time.

-Consist of:

Quick Effects {Psy-frame Omega, Divine Dragon Felgrand, Stardust Dragon, Necro Gardna etc...}

- Type of monster effect that is Spell Speed 2 (and is the only Spell Speed 2 monster effect)...
- Can be activated in Summon negation window, and the only one that can be Chained to another activation
*Negate activations or Summons are ALL Quick Effects

Quick-Play Spells {Mystical Space Typhoon, Scapegoat, Forbidden Lance, My Body as a Shield etc...}

- Can activate Quick-Play Spell Cards from their hand during any Phase of their turn
- Either player can activate Set Quick-Play Spell cards during any Phase in either player's turn, EXCEPT during the turn
they are Set
- Can chain to both Spell Speed 1 and Spell Speed 2
- CANT be activated during opponents turn from the HAND....

Normal Traps {Bottomless Trap Hole, Mirror Force, Karma Cut, Reckless Greed etc...}

- Can be used in response to the effects of everything that is classified as Spell Speed 1, such as Effect Monsters, and Spell Cards, or Spell Speed 2
- Have to be Set face-down and can be activated AFTER the turn you Set it (starting from the opponent's Draw Phase)
*However, some Traps have conditions in which they can be activated the turn they are set, or even directly from the hand
- Can become Equipped cards as well, meaning REMAINS on the field while the equipped material remains FACE UP on the field

Continuous Traps {Fiendish Chain, Mistake, Lose 1 Turn, Call of the Haunted etc...}

- Must Remain on the field for activation, which if activated STAY on the field until destroyed or removed from effect
*Spell Speed 2/3 cards that state destruction or negation, if chained to continuous traps activation link WILL PREVENT the
activation of the card or effect of the card
- The effect(s) of these cards will remain active until the owner cannot maintain the cost or condition(s) indicated on the
card (if any) OR it is destroyed.
*Continuous Trap Cards can become monsters when activated, known as Trap Monsters....

Quick-Like Effects {Breakthrough Skill, Blaze Accelerator Reload, Psy-frame Overload, Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins etc...}
- Can be activated from Continuous Traps mostly however determined by {"You Can"...}
- Can choose to activate that effect if so, the Quick-like effect DOES NOT create an additional Chain Link.
*If the Continuous Trap Card is already face-up on the field, you can activate it in a new chain, or chain its effect to
another card...
- Can be activated during EITHER PLAYERS turn
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Speed Speeds: Parts 2
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