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 BlackhartsSentret's Exam Results

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Crona Gorgon

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PostSubject: BlackhartsSentret's Exam Results   Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:29 pm

Duel Setting DN
Tester's Deck: Qliphort Monarchs
Testee's Deck: D/D/D

Duel Results: 15/15
5 points per win. 5 extra bonus points if the testee won against the tester with 2:0 Results.

Duel Skill: 20/20
Not based off wins but the testee's overall skill as a duelist.

Flexibility: 3/5
Testee's ability to adapt to the circumstances of a duel.

Duel Control: 9/10
Based of how the testee controlled the duel.

Use of Cards: 10/10
How well the testee used cards and their effects to his/her advantage.

Deck Consistency: 10/10
How well the deck flowed and allowed something to be done.

Concentration: 5/5
How well the testee paid attention. And how well they Know the situation. 

Deck Strategy: 20/20
How well they knew their own cards. And how they put them to the best use.

Tester's Choice: 5/5
(Tester's opinion if the testee should get extra points)

Final Tallied Score: 97/100
Congratulations, you have been accepted into the: 
Zielgigas Dorm  Dorm
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Ryuga Kishatu

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PostSubject: Re: BlackhartsSentret's Exam Results   Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:51 pm

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BlackhartsSentret's Exam Results
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